Jan 28, 2009

Preventive diet in sickness

While you are sick whatever effective medicines you take, unless you have a balanced diet and you don’t have control on the diet you can’t be cured properly. If your eating and drinking habits are not proper, nothing can aid in your fast recovery. The more you are knowledgeable about your diet and put that knowledge into practice in timely intake and not to take of the diet, the more you will be able to keep yourself away from diseases. If you are thoughtful about eating and drinking, it will definitely improve your health. When you fall sick you should in fact be more careful in your diet and you should better seek advice of your physician before eating. But for a dangerous disease, you can cure yourself by balanced diet.

Recommended herein is the diet you should take and not to take in the case of different forms of following ailments.

Eczema, boils, itching and other related skin diseases: Eat spinach, radish, onion, tomato and guava.

Dysentery: Eat yogurt, diluted milk, diluted yogurt and rice.

Fever: Take only light food, orange and avoid fats.

Acidity: Avoid pickle.

Ulcer: Don’t eat lemon, orange and other citrus fruit.

Lever: Eat pomegranate and avoid sugar, biscuits and fats.

Wounds and Boils and other related diseases: Take less salt.

High Blood Pressure and Hypertension: Don’t take salt.

Low Blood Pressure: Take salt.

Catarrh: Don’t take milk, ghee and other fats.

Kidney: Take Melon and watermelon.

Asthma, TB and Cancer: Avoid smoking.

Sciatica: Potato, Rice, Banana, citrus fruit, pickle, tomato and peach are dangerous.

General Weakness and improving digestion: take one glass of orange juice daily.

Diabetes: Don’t take bananas, mangos, dates, guava, sugar and other sweet things. Can eat citrus fruits like damson, pineapple, pomegranate and can also eat raw cabbage.

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