Jul 8, 2013

Coffee Can Save us from Liver and Diabetic Ailments

Coffee, joe or java as it is also called, is a well known drink known to almost everybody in this world. Its most common use of drinking is like tea or green tea mixed in warm water. It is liked almost by everybody and savored at breakfast, lunch and dinner, in all types of parties and get-together.

According to a news report published in Daily Jang, Lahore of May 22, 2013 quoting a recent research conducted in New York, we can save ourselves from dangerous ailments of liver by drinking coffee (daily and regularly). During the conduct of this research in the United States, a group of liver patients and purely healthy people were served with coffee. According to the results of this research the chances of PSC were reduced amongst those who were drinking coffee.

Last year during a research conducted in Europe it was found out that those who were drinking moderate amount of coffee (3 to four cups daily) the chances of their diabetic ailment can be reduced to up to 35 per cent.

It is advisable only to take coffee without adding milk and sugar in it. It is usually called black coffee. For health benefits many people take green coffee without adding milk and sugar.

Several other studies also reveal that regular drinking (about three to four cups) of coffee, tea and green tea may lower the risk of heart attack. However, it is to be cautioned that excessive drinking of coffee may lead to effects detrimental to health.

Regular drinkers of coffee may run lower risk of dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's diseases.