Aug 2, 2010

Typing Urdu in MS Word or in any Software

Whenever we think to type Urdu only one name came in mind i.e. Inpage. It is good software but it isn’t as vast as compared to MS Word or any other word processor of English. I always thought that I could type Urdu in Microsoft Word. That problem is been solved when Microsoft introduced plenty of Asian languages including Urdu. By installing Urdu we could change complete windows language, now we could type Urdu, but it is still very difficult to type, because the Monotype Keyboard layout is not that easy. It is very difficult to remember each key for every character.
Now we not only can set Urdu language as our default language but also can type Urdu in every software easily. Inpage has a phonetic keyboard layout, it is very easy to remember because like its name almost every key in the keyboard represents the character of Urdu that sounds the same. Now we could install that keyboard layout to type easily.

Here is a step by step process

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Open Regional and Language Options
  3. Click on languages tab & select the option "Install files for East Asian languages" Install the necessary files from the Windows XP CD
  4. Now to change the computer language go to Regional Options tab and change the Language to Urdu
  5. To start typing Urdu in any software go to Advanced tab and change the language to Urdu
  6. Download Phonetic Keyboard Layout
  7. Install the software and go to the Languages tab in Regional Settings and click on details button. Select the CRULP phonetic keyboard and you are done.
Now we can type Urdu in any software of Windows