Mar 5, 2012

Furniture Safety

Securing the furniture made of with vim board we have to get it safe from heat and water. But normally it is not that easy to secure the furniture from water, because in our daily life accidents to happened. So to avoid any mishaps just take some precautions like:

Take Turpentine oil, Seasmum oil and Spirit all of equally weight. Mix the three of them and apply it on the furniture with cotton cloth. This coat will safe the furniture from heat and water.

When buying new wooden furniture before using it just apply a thin coat of coconut oil and then use it. This minor act will always protect the shine of wooden furniture or any wooden object.
Take two tablespoon used tea and dry it very well. In sun light - but protect it from dust. After this take a cotton cloth and put the tea on it and add about ten to fifteen drops of mustard oil and rub it on furniture with soft hands.

Tea is also very good for heart patients because the tea has caffine and caffine save the blood from becoming thicker.

Mar 4, 2012

Keep the Bananas Fresh

Bananas are very fragile kind of fruit, they only can survive for a couple of days but we can increase their life for a couple of more days.

All we have to do is just to wrap them in a wet cotton cloth, or in a brown paper’s envelope and store them in a fridge.

They remain quite fresh for some more days.

Mar 3, 2012

Tips for Storing the Cheese

1.    To secure the cheese for a long time first fold it in blotting paper and then freeze.
2.    If you want to save the cheese for very long period then take salt and apply it all around the cheese and then fold it with cotton cloth and then freeze it. While using a small piece of cheese then cut and wash it before using.
3.    If cheese become very hard then take a clean piece of cloth dip it in vinegar and smear the cheese in that cloth for few hours the cheese will be soft.