Sep 10, 2009

Converting Word or any Printable document into a Mirror document

What is the Mirrored text/image?

If we see something in a mirror it looks like that it has been reversed or flipped. Same thing happened here that when we convert the text it will be flipped over


Normal Text:

Mirrored Text:

Mirrored text or images are widely used by designers for various Web or printing purposes. We can easily convert by using drawing tools but we cannot find method to convert complete Word or other text documents or from other Office applications.

The easy and effective way to mirror almost every document without losing quality is: to do it with a very commonly used software i.e. “Adobe Acrobat Professional”. You could download it from Adobe website

To convert documents into mirror Just follow the steps and you are done:

Step 1:

Install “Adobe Acrobat Professional” any version (I’m using Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.1). If you already have, skip this.

Step 2:

Open the document that you would like to mirror.

Step 3:

Open the print dialog (“Ctrl + P” used for printing almost in every software)

Step 4:

From your printers list choose “Adobe PDF”

Step 5:

Click “Properties” button and from “Layout” Tab press “advanced” button.

Step 6:

From the dialog box expand the “PostScript Options” select “Yes” from “Mirrored output” option & press “Ok”.

Step 7:

Press “print” button a save dialog box will open enter the name and it’s done.

Open the saved Pdf file and it will be mirrored.

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